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Sorry for being MIA but my laptop screen is broken and as such I have no way of writing anything, I’m currently hopping on my dad’s PC but it’s very laggy and he uses it often in the evening so until further updates I’m on a hiatus I suppose, I am so sorry.

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How I feel with every RP

RP partner: (writes fantastic starter with intricate dialog and plot settings)
Me: I have to go I'm too stupid to talk to you

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Middle Name: marie
Browser: firefox; it was chrome until chrome went and fucked up.
High school graduation year:  2012 because i moved like four times in one year.
Color of your bedroom walls: obnoxious blue.
Favourite snack: original ruffles
Dream vacation: anywhere with a nice comfortable bed and fast wifi, and good food.
Most read book: probably harry potter and the goblet of fire. MAYBE order of the phoenix.
Song from your childhood: ayyyy lmao
Disney movie: beauty and the beast
Favorite blog: i don’t have one?
Desired URL: i’m too lame for that.
Theme style: it changes. firefox is shite for working on cool themes though. lately for all my blogs it’s been minimalistic themes.
Worst nightmare: anything with animals dying tbh.
Best friend(s):

tagging; anyone who wants to do it (i wasn’t tagged but i wanted to do it SO)

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"None of you are fuckin’ goin’ near my arm."

But Bucky——-


You’ve gone and given me
     so many ideas.
  What else am I supposed to do?

there is a thin line between being sassy and being an asshole and i cross it everyday

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irongentleman asked ;  
"You so owe me."


"After all the times I’ve bailed you out and covered for you, Tony?"


"Let’s say we’re even."

      For a moment, he simply
      pouts childishly at the other.
      Before a crooked grin
      flickers into place.

               I was simply going to suggest
                 you let me get a copious
                 amount of anchovies on
                 the next pizza.                
if you want to be like that
                 I’ll take it back.


         I’m still getting anchovies on the next pizza though.
                         Lots of them.



Skye had never expected the guy to press the button, to blow himself up. She had been talking to him, calming him down, and for just a moment, Skye believed that everything was going to be okay. She was going to help all of these people trapped in the room with her, and they were all going to be alright. 

She was so naive. 

She closes her eyes against the memory of the man’s cruel smile, how everything went out in a bang. 

Moments later there was a heavy weight across her stomach, and people crying out in shock. The whole room had been blown with the man, and he had taken several people out with him. 

She tries to curl in on herself, but her body refuses to move, and she finally lets the tears fall. 

There’s footsteps besides her bed and Skye closes her eyes tightly. 

"Please leave." She chokes out, not wanting to let anyone see her break down. 

          There was probably a lot of things one could call Tony Stark; most of them being of the mean and nasty variety but sometimes there were a few golden gems in there that he held near and dear to his metal sheathed heart. Some of the names were probably directed at his person right this very second from a very nice variety of lips as he’d skipped out on yet another debriefing in favor of his own exploits around the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters they’d been whisked away to for the umpteenth time in the past week for God only knows how long. So, forgive him for wanting to test the waters and poke his nose in places, especially the sort of places he labelled as ‘classified’, or 'off limits', or his absolute favorite 'I swear to God, if I find your ass in here again Stark, I'm breaking your legs.'

Call him a people person.

        The room he was about sixty-three percent sure, wasn’t exactly of the classified variety but there had been a keypad and a card reader outside of it; and the small window allowed him a view of some sort of medical clubhouse with a patient and all inside. He’d decided what the hell and gone in for a snoop. The medical chart had provided him with an impressive amount of medical jargon he’d understood to a point but basically boiled down to; physically fucked up with a side order of mental trauma.

So, color him interested.

          He’d found out some, through a mobile up-link into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Database and gorged himself on the new infofeed; the girl—-Skye, didn’t seem about to slap a destructo-beam on his ass so he stuck around and ate some peanuts he’d discovered in a drawer. She didn’t seem about to do anything of interest in all his time snooping around her boring little clubhouse. Which probably wasn’t really hers, but that was beside the point. Oh ho? He cocks his head to the side, noticing her shifting in bed; young features twisted into pain not entirely of the physical kind—-her voice cracks with a bolt of emotion and he wavers in concern.

       Nah.” he says eloquently and hops back over to the empty chair aligned as though someone who cared had occupied it recently, he wondered where they went “It’s either you or Fury droning on about something I probably, really don’t care about and/or know already.”

     Dropping down he rests his chin in his hand, studying her up close now; dark eyes taking in the details while his mind plays ‘match up’ with the medical board. You done made a mess o’ yourself grasshopper.


do you ever just miss old rp partners and

irongentleman asked ;  
❝You have no reason to be suspicious.❞



   ”Believe me, old friend; 
        If I had no reason to be suspicious- 
            I’d know it.”


  “I only pry when something feels wrong.”
             —(He should learn to pry more oft.
                 might keep people from stabbing
                 him in the back to be quite honest.)—


  “I learn to tune in and out,
   turn down the volume when
   it becomes too much.

   I have seen some alarming 
   things but for the most part, 
   thoughts are thoughts.

   My point, Mr. Stark, 
   Is that you are over working yourself.” 
              —(He makes no mention of strange 
                  findings because it’s true; 
                  he doesn’t like to share others

         Tony couldn’t help but wonder
         what could possibly classify
         as wrong, in a mutant’s books.
         A beat later,
         he delivers a swift mental kick
         to himself and a smile graces
         his lips, a sheepish angle
         to his usual smirk.

           And what does that mean?
                I’m a saint, through and through.
lease note the halo and glowing
               aura of sunshine and benevolence.


       Is it rude of me to pry?
         I mean, mutants aren’t
         exactly lining up at
         my door to talk—-
         Bit different talkin’
         to someone born with
         a superpower outside
         of the sort I was born with.

    A pause, his next words cut off with
    a click of his teeth as his next words
    register; his expression flickers;
    this is different from the painted
    crowds during parties that he
    slips in and out of with practiced
    ease. He’s dreadully aware;
    how vulnerable he is.

        “That’s funny; ‘cause if you asked
          just about anyone else, they’d tell you
          the exact opposite.
              Is that a note of concern I’m picking
              up there, Prof?

    Toss it away. Don’t waste it on me.

         Shit. Stop thinking Tony.
No, just be quiet.Shhh. Stop thinking.

           “So any juicy bits from
                 S.H.I.E.L.D. grunts you’re
                 willing to share with lil’
                  ol’ me?"

irongentleman asked ;  
❝You have no reason to be suspicious.❞



   ”Believe me, old friend; 
        If I had no reason to be suspicious- 
            I’d know it.”


  “Any notable change in mental activity is alarming- 
   But the deeper parts of the mind know when you’re
   becoming ill long before you do, Tony.”

     So, you could get a head’s
      up on someone’s degradation
      You know, I can’t help but
that’s a dig at my
       mental well-being, Professor.

    Must be a real amusement park
      for you, day in and day out.
      What’s the craziest thing you’ve—
      no, it’s probably big no no to pry
      for someone as stiff as you.

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